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Strugglers pilot page 5 by stroppy-mchorseguy Strugglers pilot page 5 by stroppy-mchorseguy
I am MUCH happier with this page than the previous four. The lineart is cleaner, the coloring is cleaner, the style is coming together. This is the kind of direction I want to take.

Also I'm thinking of actually having the pages in this resolution as opposed to 600x849. Which would you prefer? Not like that really matters as I intend to upsize anyway :P

Actually I'm going to throw away all modesty on this page, I think it is epic. I managed to pack in several levels of subtle humor, from poking fun at Hound Dawg's bling to the Dragonball Z parody (yes, it's there), to the rhyming couplets and the complete ineffectiveness of his rambling pep talk. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with this page.

There is one expletive on this page. I think that in a movie or TV program makes it a PG so I won't bother with the mature warning.

Note to self: do not forget Nes' headband ever again. Major headache when I thought I had finished and realised that I hadn't.
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