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Way of Moderation Victestants by stroppy-mchorseguy Way of Moderation Victestants by stroppy-mchorseguy
This is huge in many ways.

Here are the 32 non-moderator characters of the Way of Moderation original character tournament, created by 29 unique people. It took me ages to do it- I had first to ask people to submit a character sheet, then I took each and every single person through a vetting process until I was satisfied that it was workable with the story and the other characters. Some people are more experienced than others. Some had delays. Some of the characters here have since withdrawn due to commitments but are willing to play a partial role in the tournament.

I then sketched all the characters and checked with each and every single person that they liked the representation given to them. This is, as far as I can tell, the final version of the lineart.

The plot is ready to go, but it is ever evolving on a day-by-day basis. Due to a reassessment of my work commitments, I've had to change my approach drastically, but since it's been more than six months since I started planning this project and getting it underway, I'm determined to see it through properly.

In a list, the victestants (Cenere and my little joke about the nature of the WoM), and their respective handles are:

Frank the Sky Pirate - played by Poisonarr0w
Pixel the Pixie - played by Pixie214
El Cholo the Mouse & George the Duck - played by Cholokid
Chill - played by thisisnotanalt
The Banana King - played by Zega
Dudeguy the...dude - played by himself
Hojoko the Ghostly Lurker - played by himself
The Bullman - played by Gantic
Firefly the Spectral Graffiti Wizard - played by FireflyIV*
Garrett and Richard the Street Kid Duo - played by jdoggparty*
Bluydee the Bounty Hunter - played by himself
Thoad the Zombie Slayer - played by Thoadthetoad
Parsat the Chinaman - played by himself
Lufffi the Swashbuckling Seaman - played by Lufffistudios
Randy the Shapeshifting Stickman - played by Random_player_of_ag
Crimson the Mysterious Swordsman - played by Crimsonblade55
Manta the Fish-man - played by The_Manta
Goumas the Alchemist - played by Goumas13
Flipper the Penguin & Snelly the Butterfly - played by Skater_kid_who_pwns
Gametesta the Game Tester - played by himself
King "Since Beta" Ryan the Archivist - played by Kingryan
Klaus the Bear - played by Klaushouse
The Spamlawrd - played by Jaza_m*
Jess the (Pommie) Phoenix - played by herself
Nichodemus the Princely Lycanthrope - played by himself
Mary the "not-bogan" - played by Pazx
Vise the Heart of Darkness - played by Zlith
Leon McAcid the Deranged Gnoll Trader - played by Xzeno

and last but not least...but certainly not most (relax, ::iconcaelann::, it's a Dilbert joke):

Cenere the Sincere - played by himself

There are a number of funny stories behind some of the titles that I just decided to give the characters. Cenere will in fact play a slightly altered role, since Cenere is the co-host of the WoM.

* These characters had to withdraw due to commitments, but along with some others may play a partial role in the story nonetheless.

Well that's it. This will be the last major work from me for a while, as I'm going to be really putting my head down until the end of my course, then god knows when I'll have time to draw anything after that.
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dudeguy45 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
Well we got the shoelaces creative...
thisisnotanalt Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009
Vise still looks weird. . .but at least he's not in that. . .pose. . .any more XD

I think it's the camo. . .I don't know why Zlith would want his character, an apparent gambler, to wear camo DX

Flipper is so cute ^_^

And the expression for Chill is pretty much spot-on now . . .
stroppy-mchorseguy Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Good for Chill!

I know, I asked zlith if I could draw him in a tux instead, he said that would be fine...then I thought ah screw it. I'll just stick to the specs. I think he's supposed to be a little more militaristic than gambler. He's only holding his hand like that to show off the tatt.
thisisnotanalt Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009
Good for you for getting Chill's expression spot-on >.>

I guess.
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July 16, 2009
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